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How To Cancel Your Service

Entire Subscription Termination

Of course, we hope you find your DTN.IQ service of value. However, if the service does not meet your current needs, you can cancel anytime at least fifteen days prior to the end of your current subscription term. DTN does not prorate or refund prepaid subscriptions.
1 -- Call (800) 411-7945 to Submit Your Cancellation Request.

One-Week Trial Offer Termination

At anytime during your one-week trial period you may cancel the service and pay only the applicable, non-refundable exchange fee(s).
1 -- Call (800) 475-4755 to contact your DTN.IQ sales representative


2 -- Send an email to: sales@dtniq.com. Be sure to include your name and User ID number.


3 -- Use the reply function of your email program when you receive your trial conclusion notice, which you'll receive shortly before the end of your one-week trial period. Just tell us why you are opting to cancel the service.

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Have a Question for Sales?
Call 800-475-4755
Email sales@dtniq.com

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