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Having your finger on the pulse of the world is critical to market timing. In addition to the many features that are part of your basic DTN.IQ service, we offer additional premium services on a monthly or annual subscription basis. All of these services are available for a FREE preview during the 14-Day Trial Offer.

If you are a current DTN.IQ subscriber or have already begun your trial period, click here to ADD any of the services listed below.

If you wish to add an exchange to an existing account, click here.

500 Additional Simultaneous Symbol Limit -- $60.90/month or $696.00/annual
The ability to stream an additional 500 simultaneous symbols to the already high symbol limits allowed.

AP Online -- $14.70/month or $168.00/annual
The Associated Press (AP) is the oldest and largest news organization in the world, serving as a source of news for more than one billion people per day. Four segments of categorized news are available real-time, unedited and direct from the Associated Press news wire: AP Online Business, AP Online News, AP Online Sports and AP Online Entertainment.

Custom Scans -- $31.50/month or $360.00/annual
With Custom Scans, you can scan the entire market with criteria you choose and receive the results tick-by-tick in real time. For each scan, you can enter up to 3 search criteria based on over 30+ fields of fundamental data. Our servers will constantly scan all equity exchanges for stocks matching your criteria. The top 50 results are sorted and displayed in our easy-to-use application. Custom Scans updates constantly, tick-by-tick, in real time.

Dow Jones Commodities Basic -- $73.50/month or $960.00/annual
In addition to over 800 breaking news stories, routine market commentary, price reports and statistics from the fiber, food, grain, meat and USDA categories, this package includes the metals, energy, weather, financial, currency, economy, stocks and general categories.

Dow Jones Commodity Wire -- $132.30/month or $1,512.00/annual
Dow Jones Commodities Wire is designed to match the demands of the commodities and futures professional whose decisions drive the market. This comprehensive service combines onsite reporting with insight and analysis of the global commodities markets, unrivaled in scope and depth.

DTN MarketWire -- $80.85/month or $720.00/annual
DTN MarketWire delivers price discovery, market analysis and industry-shaping news to help Energy traders stay ahead of the pack. Reporting in real-time, the DTN MarketWire staff uncovers and tracks volatile spot basis values throughout the nation, staying in contact with traders, brokers, analysts, as well as refiners, pipeline operators, jobbers and end users. In addition to updating these prices multiple times during the trading day, the DTN MarketWire staff informs readers what’s driving fuel prices and what to expect in the future.

DTN Mobile -- $35.00/month or $420.00/annual
With DTN Mobile, you now have access to real time or delayed stocks and futures data on your mobile phone or wireless PDA. DTN Mobile is compatible with all cell phones and devices that are WAP compliant and there is no complex installation processes needed. Just point your phone/PDA web browser to mobile.dtn.com and you will be receiving quotes, charts, news and current weather information.

DTN ProphetX for iOS -- $24.15/month or $240.00/annual
Access to real time quotes, news and charts on the iPhone and iPad. Click Here for details

DTN.IQ Smart Market -- $10.50/month or $120.00/annual
Predefined settings search for most active stocks, % gainers, % losers, $ gainers, $ losers, and volatility. Set the parameters to search NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX (or all exchanges) and DTN.IQ SmartMarket retrieves up to 50 stocks based on your interest. The entire database of stocks is scanned in real time, providing dynamic updates to the resulting list, tick-by-tick.

Forex Data - Basic (FXCM) -- $34.65/month or $396.00/annual
Streaming real time and historical forex data from industry leader FXCM. This feed includes over 20 of the top currency pairs and years of historical data.

Forex Data - Premium (FXCM and TenFore) -- $64.05/month or $732.00/annual
Institutional level forex data from top providers including TenFore and FXCM. In addition to a broad array of currency quotes (including exotics and forwards) from multiple contributors, TenFore provides OTC Precious Metals and Coin pricing.

IQFeed Commodity News Supplement -- $43.05/month or $492.00/annual
Comprehensive agriculture and commodity news including exclusive content from DTN/The Progressive Farmer's award winning newsroom. Also included is the Dow Jones Agriwire, USDA Grains/Daily/Poultry/Livestock, and commercial grain/financial/livestock news feeds.

IQFeed Energy News Supplement -- $53.00/month or $600.00/annual
The IQFeed Energy News Supplement provides access to news and commentary on the energy industry from multiple sources including Dow Jones, Telvent DTN and SNL Financial. Dow Jones Energy News in Brief includes Department of Energy reports and data along with market commentary throughout the day. Telvent DTN’s own newsroom provides updates on spot and futures markets along with insight into what is moving and why. SNL Energy news includes spot, spark and off peak electricity prices as well as news focused on Natural Gas and electricity markets.

Live Briefs PRO Global Markets -- $125.00/month or $624.00/annual
MT Newswires is an original source, multi-asset class premium real-time financial news service. MT Newswires’ Live Briefs PRO Global Markets provides unique and breaking coverage of US, Canadian and UK equities, economic news, commodities, ETFs, forex, options and fixed income assets around the clock. Outside of North America and the UK, regular updates on equity markets in all of Europe, Asia and the Middle-East are provided. Reports are designed to give you a quick and precise picture of major events, while highlighting both the immediate impact on the markets and underlying securities as well as the longer run implications for the economy and central bank policy.

Market Depth (Futures and/or Nasdaq/PinkSheet L2) -- $24.15/month or $276.00/annual
Get the insight only serious traders used to see by watching the depth of market. For futures, watch the top 5-10 bid and ask levels. For Nasdaq and listed stocks see the top of book quotes from each market maker. Don't be restricted to only seeing the best bid and ask! Add Market Depth to see the whole market that seasoned traders are using.

MarketWatch.com -- $30.45/month or $348.00/annual
MarketWatch.com is a leading source for financial news and information, providing professional investors with real-time information that goes beyond the headlines, to provide "The Story Behind the Numbers". Each business day, MarketWatch.com delivers news on both the domestic and global marketplaces, producing more than 800 pieces of financial news in the form of headlines, MarketPulse bulletins and full-page stories, with continuing coverage throughout the weekend.

Real-Time Equity Options -- $50.00/month or $600.00/annual
Provides the ability to receive our unfiltered equity options data feed direct from the exchanges. Requires the OPRA Exchange.

The Fly -- $47.25/month or $420.00/annual
The Fly is a leading digital publisher of real-time financial news. Our financial market experts understand that news impacting stock prices can originate from anywhere, at any time. The Fly team scours all sources of company news, from mainstream to cutting-edge, then filters out the noise to deliver short-form stories consisting of only market moving content.

USDA & CFTC Reports -- $31.50/month or $360.00/annual
View current datapoints as well as chartable history for multiple USDA and CFTC reports including Commitment of Traders, Crop Progress, Grains Stocks and WASDE. Over 6,400 individual symbols, each with years of historical data.

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