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DTN.IQ is our basic market tracking software application which utilizes the Internet to deliver real-time market data and news to your computer desktop.


Download DTN.IQ Official Release (Win7/Win10 Compatible) (03/21/2017)

Current DTN.IQ Users - Try our ProphetX Active Trader! If you need advanced charting, full workspace functionality, formulas, drag and drop DDE, and more... give us a call at 800-475-4755 to setup a trial. Make sure you mention that you are currently a DTN.IQ user - ProphetX Active Trader is the same price as DTN.IQ!!

View the DTN.IQ Release Notes
Download the Text-to-Speech system for DTN.IQ 2.4 News Alerts

Need help installing DTN.IQ? Click Here

It is highly recommended that you back up all portfolios and watchlists prior to upgrading.

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