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What Are Exchange Fees?

Exchange fees are monthly fees charged by all financial exchanges for the right to view real-time quote information. The exchange fees are set by the exchanges plus there is an additional administration fee of $2 per equity exchange and $4 per futures exchange. There is also a $25/month surcharge for any account authorized for 1 or more international futures exchanges.

Why Are We Required To Collect Exchange Fees?

Every individual or organization with access to real-time quotes either pays exchange fees themselves or has those fees paid on their behalf. This fee cannot be prorated or waived for our Trial Offer. We are required to collect it at the time we turn on your real-time data feed, irrespective of whether or not you plan to keep the service after the Trial period. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

DTN will collect this fee at the time you apply for either your trial period or full-time service. We will charge this amount, plus any applicable taxes, to your credit card at the time you complete the service application.

We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

Are You A Professional or Non-Professional ?

If you answer "yes" to any of the three following questions, you must pay professional exchange fees. If you answer "no" to all three, then you qualify for non-professional exchange fees.

Are you SEC registered or qualified?

Are you an investment advisor?

Are you subscribing for business use?

Add Exchange Non-Professional Professional
ASX24 Commodities (Sydney Futures) ($30.00 surcharge) $20.00/mo. $113.00/mo.
BM&F Level I ($30.00 surcharge) $28.00/mo. (31.00 Brazil Residents) $83.00/mo. (75.00 Brazil Residents)
BM&F Level II ($30.00 surcharge) $43.00/mo. (36.00 Brazil Residents) $106.00/mo. (80.00 Brazil Residents)
Bursa Malaysia Derivatives ($30.00 surcharge) $31.00/mo. $31.00/mo.
CBOE Futures Exchange $10.00/mo. $22.00/mo.
CBOE Indexes $7.50/mo. $7.50/mo.
CBOE Indexes Delayed $2.00/mo. $2.00/mo.
CBOT $126.00/mo. $126.00/mo.
CBOT E-mini $46.00/mo. $46.00/mo.
CME $126.00/mo. $126.00/mo.
CME E-mini $71.00/mo. $71.00/mo.
CME Europe ($30.00 surcharge) $0.00/mo. $0.00/mo.
CME S&P Cash Indexes $7.00/mo. $7.00/mo.
COMEX $126.00/mo. $126.00/mo.
COMEX Delayed $1.00/mo. $1.00/mo.
Dow Jones Indexes $6.00/mo. $6.00/mo.
EEX (European Energy Exchange) ($30.00 surcharge) $40.00/mo. $40.00/mo.
Eurex ($30.00 surcharge) $23.00/mo. $83.00/mo.
Eurex Indexes $6.50/mo. $18.00/mo. (Effective Oct 1)
Eurex Level II ($20.00 surcharge) $23.00/mo. (Includes Level I) $83.00/mo.
Euronext Commodities Derivatives ($30.00 surcharge) $31.00/mo. $31.00/mo.
Euronext Equity & Index Derivatives ($30.00 surcharge) $8.00/mo. $58.00/mo.
Euronext Indexes $5.00/mo. $27.00/mo.
FTSE Indexes $13.00/mo. $5.00/mo. (57.50 GBP charged by FTSE)
FTSE Indexes Delayed $5.00/mo. $5.00/mo.
ICE Futures Canada $41.00/mo. $41.00/mo.
ICE Futures Europe - Commodities ($30.00 surcharge) $131.00/mo. $131.00/mo.
ICE Futures Europe - Financials ($30.00 surcharge) $116.00/mo. $116.00/mo.
ICE Futures US $121.00/mo. $121.00/mo.
Johannesburg Derivatives (SAFEX) ($30.00 surcharge) $25.00/mo. $25.00/mo.
London Metals Exchange ($30.00 surcharge) $114.00/mo. $114.00/mo.
London Metals Exchange Delayed ($30.00 surcharge) $34.00/mo. $34.00/mo.
London Stock Exchange Delayed $5.00/mo. $5.00/mo.
London Stock Exchange Level I ($30.00 surcharge) $10.00/mo. $77.00/mo.
Minneapolis Grain Exch $41.00/mo. $41.00/mo.
NASDAQ $7.00/mo. $30.00/mo.
Nasdaq Indexes (GIDS) $12.00/mo. $12.00/mo.
NASDAQ Level II (OpenView) ($20.00 surcharge) $60.00/mo. $375.00/mo.
Nasdaq Mutual Funds $12.00/mo. $12.00/mo.
NYMEX $126.00/mo. $126.00/mo.
NYMEX Delayed $1.00/mo. $1.00/mo.
NYMEX miNY Contracts $51.00/mo. $51.00/mo.
NYSE $7.00/mo. $45.00/mo. (billed by exchange)
NYSE American $7.00/mo. $23.00/mo. (billed by exchange)
NYSE Global Indexes $6.00/mo. $17.00/mo. (billed by exchange)
OPRA ($50.00 surcharge) $7.00/mo. $30.50/mo. (billed by exchange)
OTC Markets Level 1 Quotes $10.00/mo. $35.00/mo.
OTC Markets Level 2 Quotes (Includes Level I) ($20.00 surcharge) $20.00/mo. $80.00/mo.
RussellTick Indexes $11.00/mo. $40.00/mo. (Billed by exchange)
Singapore Derivative Exchange Level I ($30.00 surcharge) $55.00/mo. $55.00/mo.
Singapore Derivative Exchange Level II ($20.00 surcharge) $73.00/mo. $73.00/mo.
Small Exchange $0.00/mo. $0.00/mo.
Toronto Stock Exchange $17.00/mo. ($19 Can. residents) $61.50/mo. ($70 Can. residents)

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