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If you are a trader who demands timely data and news, DTN is the software and data provider for you! Get a complete package from DTN. In addition to our highly reliable and extremely fast datafeed, you can choose between our high end ProphetX Active Trader Edition software interface, or the more basic DTN.IQ software. ProphetX gives access to stocks, forex and the eminis, while DTN.IQ provides data on stocks, futures, options, forex and International futures. ProphetX provides advanced charting, full text news searching, workspaces, drag and drop and template support and allows you to watch as many symbols as you need. DTN.IQ provides basic charting, a simple watch list, and the ability to only watch 1300 symbols at a time.
You pay only the applicable exchange fee(s)* for real-time data. Delayed data is free during the trial.

During your 7-Day Trial, you will have access to all of the features of DTN.IQ or ProphetX.

We'll also give you FREE access to any of our Premium Services.


Okay.. Start Receiving Real-Time Market Data & News!

Start By Completing the Subscriber Application

To begin enjoying access to real-time market data and news, you will need to complete our Online Trial Subscription Forms, even if you're only interested in the free Trial Offer. You will automatically become a subscriber to DTN.IQ or ProphetX at the end of the trial period unless you tell us to cancel your service. If you cancel during your trial, you will only be charged the applicable exchange fees.

Should you decide to continue the service, do nothing. We will bill your credit card monthly for our basic real-time service fee and any applicable exchange fees and/or premium service fees. Or take advantage of our special pricing with an annual subscription. 

Then Download DTN.IQ or ProphetX software for Windows�

Click on Download to download the latest version. Once you've completed your online subscription forms, we will email you your User ID and PIN for unlocking the software.

Go Online To Receive Real-Time Data & News

With your DTN.IQ or ProphetX software installed, connect to the Internet through your usual Internet service provider and you'll begin receiving live, real-time market data (during normal market hours) and 24-hour, full-text news feeds.

*Some Exchanges require we collect the applicable monthly, real-time exchange fee(s) during the trial period. See Exchange Fees Explained for a more detailed explanation.

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