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Auto Install Software

The DTN.IQ software installation process is automated. As soon as the download is complete, an install wizard will complete the installation process for you.

However, prior to running DTN.IQ for Windows®, you must have a User ID and PIN which we will send you by email upon completion of our online subscriber registration agreements. This applies to both regular subscriptions and our Free Trial Offer.

Manual Download and Install

  1. Click Download.

  2. When the Download window (Explorer) or Save As.. window (Netscape) appears, note the directory the file iqsetup2.4.exe will be saved to, then click Save To Disk (Explorer) or Save (Netscape). This will begin the download. We recommend you select the C: drive of your computer to make it easier to locate the file.

  3. When the download is complete, you must locate the file iqsetup2.4.exe to install  DTN.IQ onto your computer. Click on the Start menu (Win98/NT/2000/XP) on the Task Bar and select Run.

  4. Use Browse to locate the folder in which you saved iqsetup24.exe. Once you have located the file, select it. Click Open. This places the file name in the Run window. Click Okay. This will begin the installation.

    It is advisable to have all other applications closed prior to installing DTN.IQ. Be sure to disable any Virus Scan software which may interfere with the installation.

  5. Follow the Set-up Instructions. After you have received the "Set-up is complete" message, you are almost ready to begin.

Receiving Real-Time Market Quotes

After successfully installing the DTN.IQ software, you next need to connect to the Internet through your Internet Service Provider. Click here for Launching DTN.IQ Service.

DTN.IQ is approximately 8.5 meg and will take an average of 30-45 minutes to download.

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